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We all know the Antichrist. He (or conceivably she) is tall (or possibly short), suave and sophisticated (or perhaps a little rough and earthy), a shrewd manipulator of laws (or lives outside the system), appears to be a peacemaker (or is an obvious spreader of discord), hails from the Middle East (or maybe Europe, the Americas, Africa, or Australia), is a politician (or perchance a lawyer, entertainer, businessman, or even a real estate developer), and has a secret (or overt) evil agenda. Also, this person is either contemporary or historical. Actually, our handle on the identity of the Antichrist may not be that solid after all.

The one thing virtually everyone agrees on is that the Antichrist will help “immanentize the eschaton”, that is, contribute to bringing about the end of the world. Sounds like a good character to identify early and keep track of, eh? This site taps the wisdom of the masses to help do just that.

In the form above you may type your best guess at the identity of the Antichrist. It recognizes both natural first name last name order and phone book style last name, first name (note the comma) order, and will display matching potential Antichrists as you type. For best results please use the most common form of a person's name, and include middle initials and suffixes (like Jr. or III) as needed to keep the name unambiguous.

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Here you can see the current most likely Antichrists, not just for all time but also for shorter time intervals. After all, as more clues become available, different suspects may seem more or less likely, and the results for a shorter, more recent period may be more telling than the overall results. Note that percentages refer to the percentage of votes made during the specified time period, and each time period stretches backwards from the current time (so the past day is in reality the past twenty-four hours).

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Here you can see a blow-by-blow list of predictions as they're made, along with (usually) the rough geographical area in which the prediction originated.

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Learn More About the Antichrist, Armageddon, and the End of Days

Description Of The Antichrist (a.k.a. Ad-Dajjal)

At this point in time there is no true consensus on the identity of the Antichrist or even exactly what he (or she) is going to do. While the term immediately makes one think of Christianity, its root definition in fact comes from the pre-Christian Greek words anti (in opposition to or in place of) and Christos (anointed one). The name Christ itself also derives from this latter word. So who is the Antichrist? Is the Antichrist alive today? While there are currently no definitive answers, there are several viewpoints that may help provide insight on both the identity of the Antichrist and his present whereabouts.

Christian View

The Bible makes direct references to multiple antichrists who will predate the one big Antichrist. The lesser (lowercase) antichrists are said to deny Jesus; the one true (uppercase) Antichrist not only does this but also claims to be himself divine and offers false miracles as proof. He is described as a “Man of Sin” and opposes the worship of anything but himself, and it is written that he will “sit in the temple” (with the exact identity of the temple the subject of some debate).

Many early Protestants identified various Popes as the Antichrist, and in turn many Popes branded various early Protestants as Antichrists as well. Saint Malachy referred to a number of Antipopes in his famous Prophecy of the Popes and it is not such a stretch to link these in with the concept of antichrist, too.

Some Eastern Orthodox believers pinned the title of Antichrist on Peter the Great; the belief that Rasputin was the Antichrist fueled a failed assassination attempt.

In modern times many believe that there will be a rough period for humanity (often said to be either seven years or three and a half years) during which time the Antichrist will effectively running things in Satan's name. It's often thought that he'll rise to power by doing outwardly good things such as bringing peace. He is further identified with characters from the Book of Revelation like the Beast, the Dragon, the False Prophet, and even the Whore of Babylon. This identification brings with it the widely-held belief that the Antichrist will force everyone to wear a “mark”; the nature of the mark is a topic of debate with both RFID tags and unified digital identity systems being popular picks, and thus sometimes branded as “Signs of the Antichrist”. In fact, although the Antichrist is not mentioned by name in Revalation, most popular so-called Antichrist signs reference it. It is said that the Antichrist's reign will not stop until Jesus' second coming, at which point the two will battle with Jesus ultimately winning.

Moslem View

Islam also has the notion of an Antichrist. Called the Masih ad-Dajjal (literally the Impostor Messiah), it is said he will deceive people and ultimately lead them in a war against Jesus and the side of good. There are a few additional interesting details about the Masih ad-Dajjal, though. First, it is said that he will appear somewhere in the Middle East. Second, it is said that he is blind in his right eye. As with the Christian Antichrist, he will initially win favor with good deeds and false miracles until he is in a strong enough position to no longer worry about the charade.

Islam also uses the more generic term Dajjal to refer to lesser false prophets; it is quite similar to the lowercase version of antichrist used by Christians.

Nostradamus' View

The book Les Propheties by Michel de Nostredame (more commonly known as The Prophecies of Nostradamus has had a large impact on how modern people envision the Antichrist. His prophesies are all written in the form of deliberately obfuscated quatrains, and there tend to be many conflicting opinions (not to mention outright bad translations) of their underlying meaning.

Nevertheless the popular view is that he identifies three Antichrists; the first is sometimes taken to be Napoleon, the second almost universally taken to be Adolf Hitler, and the third an unidentified character who some say will enter Europe wearing a blue turban, and ultimately bring about another world war. Not surprisingly it is this third Antichrist of Nostradamus that tends to attract the most attention these days.

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Judgement Day

Most traditional views of the Antichrist hold that he will essentially conquer the world (though not necessarily in a military sense) and bring about one of the most miserable times in human history, but will finally be defeated on Judgement Day, the day of the final battle between good and evil. The site of this battle (or some believe the general area of the larger campaign including this battle) is known as Armageddon, better known in modern times as the Mount of Megiddo.

This final battle between good and evil is generally agreed to be the beginning of the end, with relatively minor differences in details of how soon one then has to wait. Many Christians believe that directly after this battle the righteous will be taken into Heaven; many Moslems believe there will be a period of around forty years of universal peace and prosperity following it before the final end of the world.

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The study of the end of the world and humanity's ultimate destiny is known as eschatology. Different traditions have different views on eschatology, and many offer clues about when the end itself is going to come (or at least when big events heralding that end will come). Many Christians feel that something is due to happen 2000 years after the Resurrection of Christ (that is, any time now). The Mayan calendar will complete its thirteenth baktun cycle in around December 21, 2012, and many believe that it will bring some sort of significant change. Numerous Nostradamus interpreters believe that he also points to 2012 as being a significant year in human history. Many others point specifically to December 12, 2012 as being a possible end date, presumably because its numeric representation is 12/12/2012.

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